December 7, 2021


You can STOP IDENTIFY THEFT in its tracks- Our specially engineered RFID wallet pocket stops potentially future thieves and credit card skimming technology in its tracks! 13.56 MHz RFID frequencies, which is the frequency used by criminals and would be scammers.

  • ✅ TRAVEL FRIENDLY UTILITY – Work your way through airport TSA and security checkpoints by having a place to store all your accessories electronics, documents, different gadgets and in this breathable lightweight vest. Simply unzip the vest, take it off and walk through security without having to unload everything!
  • ✅ HOLDS almost EVERYTHING – This low profile sleek men’s vest features an unbelievable 26 pockets to hold almost everything you need while working,hiking traveling, or just running errands. We include a large pocket big enough for even an iPad or other bulky items.
  • ✅ NO wires to mess with – You’ll fall inlove with the inner hidden network of conduits that let you connect or disconnect your devices within the tech friendly vest without tangled wires. Charge multiple devices and listen to music all while keeping devices concealed and safe.
  • ✅ And what is even better there is a 2 YEAR WARRANTY – We’ve updated everything including tactical YKK & SAB zippers & premium Teflon-treated material to provide water and anti stain repellency. Everything is backed by our 2 year warranty. Join thousands of safe and secure customers…just pick your vest and just order today! Also women vest are available.

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